Field rifle can be any calibre up to 8mm, magazines are permitted under certain conditions. Competition is currently conducted at a range of 300 yards and is held in conjunction with the Rimfire shooting roster. Any Centrefire hunting rife is acceptable in field class and scopes are optional.

CZ .223 with scope and front bipod.

CZ .223 with scope and front bipod.

Field Rifle shooters compete in the prone (lying) position with the aid of either a bi-pod or front rest though the use of a sling is quite acceptable (the use of a a rear bag is generally not permitted).

200 yard group




Currently being conducted at the range once a month, Centrefire is a fun way to sharpen up those hunting skills. In a relaxed atmosphere where there is time to improve or develop the ability to gauge, interpret and react to the environmental variables which affect the placement of shot.


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