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Sandford Rifle Club logo

Sandford Rifle Club logo

The Sandford Rifle Club began its life in November 1916 then was suspended during WW1 till membership grew following this period. A remarkable aspect of the club is the lifetime devotion of Mr Stan Prendergast who held the Club Captain’s position for a record 36 years, since 1978 and in the entire club history of 98 years we have only had 4 Captains.

The club range has had varied usage particularly in war times when it became a practice range for the military recruits. Today it still sits in the midst of a rural farm of the original Calvert Family who were instrumental in the creation of the club.


The Sandford Rifle Club operates on a relaxed social shooting basis. Today the range is shared with the Hobart Rifle Club who lost the use of their home range of Pontville in 2007.

Saturday shoots are often reviewed at the Lauderdale Inn where a pleasant end to the day is had by all.

Our annual general meeting is where all members from each discipline gather. It is here that the presentations for annual club trophies is a highlight and a very relaxed enjoyable night is had by all.

Tasmania holds a long tradition of rifle shooting particularly associated with the early days of the 303 Lee Enfield Rifle, seen below is an Easter 1950 Campbelltown Team.

Rifle Shooting, Easter 1950 Cambelltown Rifle Range

L to R: Ray Wood, Jim Wishart, Sid Haynes, Ken Chancellor.

The Sandford Rifle Club is an affiliated member of the Tasmanian Rifle Shooting Association (TRA) which is one of the oldest sporting bodies in Tasmania having been formed on June 17th, 1887. From their website you can obtain details of all Tasmanian Rifle shooting events and the 11 clubs and 8 ranges available within the state.

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