Joining – Licence & Fees

Come and try your hand at range shooting. Your welcome to contact the secretary and make arrangements to attend a club shoot without a formal licence. Provisions under the Tasmanian Firearms Act allow for an introductory period under immediate supervision on an approved range.

The club has equipment available to aid the newcomer, so no immediate purchase of your own equipment is necessary.

Sandford Rifle Club members

Annual prize meeting presentation.

Our club members are there to provide assistance and guidance and welcome you socially to the club.

The process to join the club is as follows:

  • Complete a club application form and an exchange of information form, pay the fees (see below) and receive a Tasmanian Rifle Association (TRA) membership card.
  • If you do not already hold a Tasmanian Firearms Licence, apply to Firearms Services for a temporary exemption which lasts 6 months.
  • During this 6 months you will need to undergo the required training and sit the formal examination to gain your licence.
  • Upon passing the examinations and fulfilling the necessary criteria, Tasmania Police will issue you with a Firearms Licence.
  • Subsequent to this, if you wish to purchase your own firearm, then those processes can commence.

Cost associated with a firearms licence and the rules governing what you can do as a “provisional” shooter are strict. If you open the following link to the Tasmania Police (Firearms Services) website, it will provide full details of what is required to gain a firearms licence within Tasmania.

Annual Club Fees (as at 1 July 2015)

New membership (1st year) – $100.00 (irrespective of shooting discipline)

Full Bore Target Rifle & F-Class –  $140.00

Rimfire/Centrefire – $100.00

Under 21 – $100.00 (all disciplines)

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