Electronic Target – Milton Rifle range NSW, 6th August

Well what an introduction I had today (6th Aug), just fired my first range on an electronic target at the Milton Rifle range – wow what a difference!

This is a club very similar to ours, located on a local farmer’s property and is the 2nd oldest club in NSW (I’m told). Rather a unique experience accessing the range – crossed old timber “loose” planked bridge (no sides), along basic gravel road, many farm gates, then to top it off, forded a creek to get to the 300 yd range!

Local shooter Kevin Jessop kindly offered to introduce me to members and the range. Upon arrival it soon became apparent that in order to join the club a shooter must first purchase a 4 wheel drive vehicle to which Kevin concurred. A lot of fun, locking the hubs before fording the creek & climb the slopes to 300 yds.

Sorry no pics available tonight, I am out at friends and have no means of downloading images, keep tuned, I’ll try to get them up asap.

12th August UPDATE: – slideshow loaded, note only my cheap phone images, sorry for the quality loss I have done the best to edit – hopefully they are good enough for you to enjoy?


Shot by shot – scored electronically

Just great – fire the shot an instantaneously see the result – takes a bit of getting used to the fact you can view the result next to you rather than staring down the range at a blank target! The screen has the abiltiy to either show a full target or (particularly for FClass) zoom into showing just the Super V to Bull as the screen display.

Once your range is completed you even get a group size result!

The whole set-up of the target, removal from shed, hooking up electrics, etc probably took no more time than we spend on our range. They currently have 3 targets available including the electronic. Due to a grant the club was able to purchase the unit, being on a local farm meant further investment in infrastructure is not an option.

As I have just learn’t your Saturday was cancelled due to rain – eat your hearts out, I had great fun!!

Thanks to all the friendly Milton shooters with whom I enjoyed a great day. Cheers Dennis






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