FClass F/TR now in Match Rifle Shooting

New FClass category for Match Rifle – F/TR

Adopted by the Australian Match Rifle Association at is annual meeting this year I’m pleased to announce anyone with a Standard FClass shooting rig can now have a try at the challenging long range Match Rifle shooting with the introduction of F/TR.

There are a few specific rules governing weight & the use of a fixed to the rifle front bipod (No fire control rests allowed) and ammunition calibre is open to projectile weight but must be 308 cal. F/Tr is a sanctioned ICFRA (International Confederation of Full-bore Rifle Assoc.) category so rules can be viewed here: Commence reading at point F2 for the technical ammo & weight details.

A New opportunity: As some may know I have been shooting FClass Match Rifle this past year and this has been only available as F Open, thus you shoot against any calibre. Basically it is most apparent that 308 cal is hampered by projectile ballistics, choice & loads V’s the 6mm & 7mm rifles thus although I was enjoying the challenge I was going to have to upgrade to another calibre if I was to be competitive.

However, now that F/TR is available I no longer need to pursue the costly exercise of new barrel/calibre, all I have to do is buy a “light weight bipod” and make sure my total weight is less than 8.25kgs with scope & bipod attached. Then it is a matter of projectile choice and a much more level playing filed that now ensures most current F Class Std shooters can enter.

See here for the latest NSW Match Rifle Championship where this very category had its first outing. Anyone wanting more info just chat to me on the range or give me a call – Dennis Gullan, Club Secretary.

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