Welcome to Sandford Rifle Club

Our club is the home of F-Class and Target Rifle Shooting in Southern Tasmania. Sandford Rifle Club has been established for over 100 years and proudly promotes Rimfire, Centerfire, Fullbore Target Rifle and F-Class shooting as fun, safe and challenging sports.

We openly invite new members and have full facilities available to introduce individuals &/or families to the challenges of target rifle shooting. For shooters between the age of 12 to 18 years, special minors permits are available. Other than that, as long as you can make the walk or be pushed to the mound, then age is no barrier – in fact within Australia, their are a number of shooters in their 90’s that are still actively shooting and involved in major state competitions.

Shooting at the range

Target rifle shooting is an extremely challenging and safe sport allowing you to determine your own level of achievement and participation. Whether it be enjoying a pleasant weekend in a social competition, or striving to represent your State or Country.

If your not being introduced by an existing member of the rifle club, then please ensure you contact our club secretary prior to arrival at the rifle range.

Range events at Sandford are held only on Saturday’s as per our shooting roster.  Please consult the roster (which is available from our website) for latest dates and times for different club and state competitions.

Shooting disciplines at Sandford Club

Our club supports the following disciplines of target rifle shooting, each of which have their own set of technical characteristics and challenges.

Centrefire – Bolt action rifle up to 8mm, magazines permitted, scoped, fired at up to 300 yards/metres.

Rimfire – Bolt action rifle .22 calibre, fired at 25 – 100 yards/metres.

Full Bore Target Rifle – Bolt action target rifle with peep sights up to 7.62mm/.308 calibre, fired from the prone position at ranges of 300 to 1000 yards/metres.

F-Class Target Rifle – Bolt action target rifle with peep or telescopic sights up to 7.62mm/.308 calibre, fired using a front & rear rest at ranges of 300 to 1200 yards/metres.

Rimfire sitting position

Rimfire shooting is a great way to become involved in the sport. Here Mother and Daughter are enjoying the challenge of a 50 yard sitting shoot.

Special exemption, table assistance.

On the right is an example of a club member setting up to fire F-Class utilising a bench for assistance. Due to a medical exemption, he is not required to lay prone. This is one of the many means that ensures rifle shooters can continue to enjoy their sport even after suffering injuries.

If you would like to know more, please browse the site, review the various shooting disciplines and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. The club is located just 20 minutes from Hobart and is approximately 800 meters on the right after turning into Rifle Range Rd from the junction with South Arm Rd, Sandford.

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